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"What is Rydal's Story about?"

Rydal's Story is very loosely based off of Pinocchio and follows the failures and successes of a small group of people as they seek to find out the truth about the Blue Fairy, who it is said can alter the very fabric of reality and cure the cursed, the sick, and the unfortunate.

It also features my very dry sense of humor, questionable use of chickens, logic, and a generally incompetent cast who gets themselves into a lot of trouble all the time because apparently they are cool like that.


"Why is it called Rydal's Story?"

Because Rydal is an egotist and wouldn't have it any other way :O Also, the name sort of just stuck while I was developing the story.

"Is Everett a guy or a girl?"

No one seems to know.

"Do you color digitally?"
No, I create the comic using traditional media. It is sketched, inked and then colored with alcohol based markers and watercolors. I use Photoshop at the end to add text and for some minor effects.
"How do you color like that?!"
I've made a few tutorials that you can find on my DeviantArt page.
"Is this either a boy love, or girl love comic?"
Not intentionally, but there is a wide range if sexualities and identities expressed because people are diverse like that. Though that doesn't mean everyone in the comic is a fan of diversity....People are like that too.
"What is an Invert?"

Sexual inversion refers to an old term sexologists used to use to describe gay and transgender people in the late 1800's. In the comic characters use it as a derogatory term to describe LGBT people while in real life the term was mostly used in medical texts until 1928 when Radclyffe Hall, published the Well of Lonliness

"Why do you use Times New Roman?..."

I wanted something different and I also like the idea of the text being in the same font many books are printed in. I was aware of this being a strange choice at the time but it fits the story so it stays.

Did I fail to answer a question of yours here?
No problem! Feel free to contact me at: